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TerraClad Rain Screen Systems and TerraPreCast

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is the nation‘s most specialized Architectural Terra Cotta manufacturer. Their passionate team of Artisans, Architects, and Engineers are committed to detailed craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and service in Historical Restoration and New Construction. Boston Valley Terra Cotta‘s diverse terra cotta lines include architectural terra cottaroof tileTerraClad™ rain screen systems, and their new product, TerraPreCast™.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta‘s manufacturing facility has been providing ceramic materials to the construction industry since 1889 and is the only US manufacturer of rain screen systems. Boston Valley Terra Cotta began work in the architectural terra cotta restoration market in 1983 with the restoration of Louis Sullivan‘s Guaranty Building in Buffalo, NY. Since then, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has continually expanded and upgraded their manufacturing lines and collaborated on numerous research and design initiatives with visiting artists, scientists, and architects.

Located just south of Buffalo, NY, Boston Valley Terra Cotta continues to grow and is recognized as an innovative manufacturer of architectural ceramics, participating in construction projects with large and small firms from design development through completion.

TerraClad™ System Overview

The TerraClad™ team specializes in providing turnkey solutions in both the panel and sunshade systems to bring a designer’s goal to fruition. Bringing us to the table early in the design process will enable us to assist you and create a path for shared success.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s rain screen system provides benefits above and beyond conventional masonry cavity wall systems. In addition to the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to any terra cotta cladding, the TerraClad™ system incorporates ship-lapped open joints that shield the structural wall from wind driven rain and snow while also ventilating the air space to mitigate mold and mildew growth. Beyond the functionality of the system, the plasticity of terra cotta offers profile opportunities to designers not available in alternate rain screen cladding materials.

Boston Valley also offers sunshade devices as part of our TerraClad™ product line. They can be used in combination with the terra cotta rain screen system or as a standalone feature. A true marriage of form and function, these sunshade devices aid in reduction of glare and help to shield inhabitants from the sun similar to traditional blinds, while also giving designers a component with which to create a unique, modern building design aesthetic.

TerraPreCast System Overview - Terra Cotta PreCast Solutions

This system simply involves embedding a solid terra cotta unit in a precast concrete panel. The terra cotta panel is 30mm thick and features a dovetail profile on the backside. The terra cotta panels are laid face down in the forms and concrete is poured over the back of the panels to create one large precast unit. This system is ideal for those needing the strength and durability of precast concrete construction but desiring the myriad of options available in both profile and finish offered by terra cotta.


For decades architectural designs have involved embedding a facing material in precast concrete panels. Terra cotta can be used as this type of finishing material to provide a wide variety of options in both profile and color. A 30mm solid terra cotta veneer as well as hollow-cored profile such as is shown in the rendering below can be embedded in large precast units. The dovetail profile on the backside of the panel provides additional surface area for the concrete to adhere to the terra cotta, ensuring a high-strength bond between the two products.

Benefits of the TerraPreCast™:

  • Speed of Installation
  • Blast Resistance
  • Design Flexibility

Testing Completed and Approval Received for Compliance with the Precast Concrete Institute Standard for Architectural Terra Cotta.

Profiles and Shapes

Terra Cotta PreCast panels are available in 2" height increments from 6"– 24". The maximum length for the panel is 60". If you are considering larger dimensions or custom profiles, please contact our sales team.