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Specialty Glass:
Privacy and Smart Glass

Innovative Glass offers a full line of switchable glazing products, giving you full control of privacy, light, sunglare and heat gain. These products can be switched automatically or at the touch of a button. Available in windows, doors. walls and skylights providing an unmatched combination of comfort, security and energy efficiency.

  • LC Privacy Glass
  • SPC Smart Glass

LC Privacy Glass – is an electrically activated, switchable glazing technology that instantly changes from transparent to frosted white, creating 100% privacy, with just a touch of a button. When in the powered state, the panels are clear, allowing full view and daylight to pass through. When unpowered, the view is completely obscured.

LC Privacy Glass is well suited to conference rooms, partitions, hospitals, front entranceways, sidelites, bathrooms & windows and it is the only dynamic product that allows openness and privacy to co-exist in a single environment.

SPD Smart Glass – is a dynamically variable, instantly reactive glazing technology that changes from clear to dark blue tint to give you the ability to tune the amount of light and sunglare streaming through a window or skylight. The tint level is infinitely adjustable – as opposed to simply ON/OFF – and it has a very wide dynamic light transmission range (can block out over 99.5% of Light Transmission in its off state). This allows you to instantly control the heat gain and view quickly and effectively.