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The Mull-It-Over® Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Cap
We weren’t trying to eavesdrop, but we easily overheard a confidential doctor/patient conversation in an adjacent exam room in a gorgeous glass building. It inspired our development of the Mull-It-Over® Mullion Trim Cap. We ran the design through a battery of tests in the sound chambers of Architectural Testing in York, PA. We refined it and re-tested. Then did it again. And again. Finally, quantifiable results clearly proved how this mullion trim cap system would re-create the sound-deadening capability of a wellconstructed drywall partition all the way out to the face of the glass. Whether the installation is in a patient room, a boardroom or a bedroom, noise transfer can now be resolved. This isn’t a "me too" solution. There’s been nothing else like it. Until Now.