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Architectural Building Panels

  • Petrarch Architectural Wall Panels – are a blend of natural stone fillers, glass fiber and resin. Their hard, impact resistant surface make Petrarch panels suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • Stone Aggregate Wall Panels – feature a surface finish of attractive natural stone aggregate designed to provide elegant form and function.
  • Framing for Rain Screen Systems.

Petrarch Architectural Wall Panels offer the combination every architect and building owner strives for, Beauty That Lasts. The panels are designed to provide an elegant look without sacrificing any of the durability demanded by the harshest climates. Petrarch panels are offered in a variety of colors and textures.

Manufactured with through color, Petrarch panels offer all the impact resistance and durability of natural stone, at a fraction of the cost, and are ideal for exteriors and interiors. Backed by a 10-year warranty, Petrarch panels have a surface which makes most graffiti cleanup easy. Weathering tests have proven that Petrarch panels have the ability to withstand all the heat and cold that mother nature can deliver and natural exposure on buildings is in excess of 30 years and counting.

Omnis Stone Aggregate Wall Panels provide a surface finish of natural stone aggregate. These sturdy wall panels are designed to provide elegant form and enduring function.Omnis panels are a glass fiber and reinforced polyester wall panel of exceptional durability for an extremely low cost.

Omnis Stone Aggregate panels are maintenance-free, unaffected by climatic extremes, highly impact resistant, impervious to moisture, chemical resistant, and will not delaminate under any conditions. Backed by a 10-year warranty, Omnis panels stand up to bitter cold and searing heat, to harsh winds and pounding rains. Omnis panels are durable but lightweight, quick and easy to install, ideal for new or retrofit construction, and have been used successfully on external applications for over 40 years.

Framing for Rain Screen Systems - The Rain Screen concept is a superior method for wall construction, to prevent water leakage, and provide a weather resistant exterior design. Omnis offers several types of framing systems for installing wall panels using the rainscreen principle. We recommend their TEN66 System adjustable height framing system for installations using outboard insulation. Alternatively their H & J Channel framing system (1 inch cavity) or the Omega / Zed framing system (1.5 inch cavity) can be used.

All Omnis Framing Systems will provide a rear-ventilated cavity for excellent water drainage. In practice the cavity acts as a capillary break to remove the capability of water to stagnate inside the walls. Any of their framing systems can be used with the wall panel of your choice.