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Products by US Daylighting

Storefront, Curtain Wall, Skylight, and ThermaDivide

AeroGlass by US Daylighting, is an all glass highly insulating translucent panel using state of the art aerogel technology. With unsurpassed thermal insulation (R-Value of 10), increased natural light transmission, superior light diffusion, reduced solar heat gain/loss and exceptional color stability.

US Daylighting was born out of their desire to bring natural light into building interior in a way that advances sustainable building practices. AeoGlass not only diffuses light in all directions, it also reduces glare and provides insulating values 2 – 6 times traditional fenestration products.

AeroGlass Storefront – has the same site lines and frame depth as storefront, wall conditions can be consistent throughout the building.

AeroGlass Curtain Wall – was developed to be used with either their framing or with other national manufacturers. This way AeoGlass panels and vision lites can be installed in the same wall. Wall details are the same for US Daylight’s CW8 as they are for the vision curtain wall in the rest of the building.

AeroGlass Skylight – Sky8 helps alleviate a significant amount of heat transfer while providing a considerable amount of daylighting. With an R value of 10, the AeroGlass panel will outperform a 1” insulated glass unit with a low E coating by 400%

AeroGlass ThermaDivide – features a 3” thick all glass translucent panel composed of ¼” clear tempered inboard lite, 2 ½” of aerogel and ¼” clear tempered outboard lite. Four-sided structural silicone glazed onto a fully tested aluminum framing system, creating a virtually seamless U 0.06 floor to ceiling glass wall when viewed from the outside.